Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses

Mieliepop Q&A: Deon Bakkes And The Stolen Horses

The Republic of Mieliepop 2018 is only one month away, and since Deon Bakkes and The Stolen Horses is probably the only horse-related band on the lineup, we aimed to get off our high horses, speak to the dark horse Deon himself, and get the goods straight from the horse’s mouth… Luckily he’s one who enjoys horsing around.

Peter Toussaint live One Day

One Day in Peter Toussaint’s life

One Day is the latest offering from Peter Toussaint – a Dutch guitarist and performer, living in South Africa. It takes the form of a day in the life – beginning with Sunrise and ending with Home. This album combines studio recorded songs with ambient sounds captured by Peter himself on his phone, such as chirping birds, footsteps and the sound of a car engine turning over.

The Flow Chats 010: Henk van der Schyf

The Flow Chats 010: Henk van der Schyf

Henk van der Schyf is ‘n Pretoria party liaison – ‘n entrepreneur, booker, restauranteur en events man. Hy vertel ons van sy ervaringe in die musiek-, kos-, en partytjiewêreld, wat Hotbox Studios, Dogbox, Park Acoustics, Capital Craft, Mieliepop festival, en African Beer Emporium insluit.

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