Hanneke Schutte op die stel van Meerkat Maantuig

Die vloek van vrees: ‘n Gesprek met Hanneke Schutte

Hanneke Schutte was ‘n kind vol vrese. “Ek was só bang gewees toe ek klein was. Ek was regtig bang vir álles. My pa-hulle het nie geweet wat om met my te doen nie. Ek kon nie eens in die gang afloop in die aand nie, ek moes hardloop — al was die ligte aan.”

Ek weet nie of oorweldigende vrees jou ‘n beter kandidaat maak om ‘n storie oor vrees te vertel nie, maar Hanneke het besluit om te probeer. Sy is die skrywer-regisseur van Meerkat Maantuig, ‘n nuwe fliek wat grootliks gaan oor vrees.

Hello Beautiful - The Republic of Mieliepop 2018

Mieliepop Q&A: Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful has been stunning audiences for a couple of years now with their 80s-inspired mostly-instrumental synth-pop. Starting out as a solo studio project by relative all-rounder musician Matthieu Auriacombe (Beach Party, Kidofdoom, and now also Van Pletzen), Hello Beautiful has evolved into a full band – and that’s how you’ll be able to experience the alt/electro disco at Mieliepop next weekend. As is our three-week old tradition [see our interviews with Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses and Wolfgang Marrow] we asked Matthieu a series of “A or B” questions to get to know him in-depth…

Why The Gruuv: The Lectric Monks talk about debut EP The Six

Have you heard of Tarantino Funk ‘n Roll Groove? Well if you haven’t you are in for an upbeat fun-loving treat! The Lectric Monks are finally releasing their EP for us to enjoy at home. For those of you that haven’t seen them live at one of their many shows, you are definitely missing out. They light up the stage with energy and good vibes.

The Lectric Monks started up in 2014 and developed into a 6-piece band of musical talent. The band members are as follows: Francois van der Merwe (Rhythm and Vocals), Gary Peacock (Harmonica and Vocals), Henk Oosthuizen (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Cynthia van der Mescht (Keys, Synthesizer and Vocals), Duncan Potgieter (Drums) and Dylan du Toit (Bass). For their release, we decided to have a chat with the band…

The Flow Chats 011: Peach van Pletzen

The Flow Chats 011: Peach van Pletzen

Peach van Pletzen is die ou agter Yesterday’s Pupil, een van die ouens agter die lessenaar by Bittereinder shows, en nou die frontman van ‘n nuwe band, Van Pletzen, wat hy begin het saam met Matthieu Auriacombe (van Hello Beautiful, Kidofdoom & Beach Party).

Hierdie podcast (asook al 10 vorige episodes) is beskikbaar op iTunes en Stitcher en enige podcast speler wat sy sout werd is.

Die episode is ook tydelik beskikbaar op YouTube.

Slimmies wat weet van sulke goed kan ook subscribe met hierdie RSS feed: https://iono.fm/rss/chan/3047

Wolfgang Marrow, Mieliepop festival 2018.

Mieliepop Q&A: Wolfgang Marrow

Wolfgang Marrow is a swampy blues band originally from Bloemfontein, but recently relocated to Johannesburg. They’re booked to appear at Mieliepop this year, and their Southern American-inspired music represents an important part in the festival’s diversity. We asked them a series of “A or B” questions to see if we could catch them choosing option C…

Kings of Improg - Henosis

Henosis: Kings of Improg explores “oneness” in instrumental rock

When it comes to rock ‘n roll there are certain groups that have left permanent marks, whether it was in the Hall of Fame or simply just on our hearts. Either way, we cannot ignore the major impact that the genre has made on previous generations and those still to come. Now as a lover of rock, I am always looking for new music. But when I don’t find anything to my liking, I am forced to go back into the archives and search for the classics. Upon a recent search I came across an instrumental progressive rock band known as the Kings of Improg. The band recently released their debut album titled Henosis, which has completely blown my mind.

Adelle Nqeto. Photo by Henry Engelbrecht.

Q&A: Adelle Nqeto on returning home to Park Acoustics

Adelle Nqeto is one of the most exciting local folk artists around at the moment. When her previous band, came to its conclusion, she branched off with a solo career that has just gone from strength to strength. She’s a regular sight at festivals and events all over the country, with her shows and lineups regularly evolving. We’re excited to see her return to Park Acoustics this Sunday, and checked in to see if she’s equally excited…