Loandi Boersma - Blood Brothers 2017

The cancer-fighting Blood Brothers are returning with the 2017 edition of their annual fund-and-awareness raising concerts. And for the second time, there’s a female “brother” in the mix — so we made sure to ask Cortina Whiplash’ Loandi Boersma a couple of questions about the upcoming show on 30 September…

“Of course it means a lot to me,” she tells me. “I have always been ‘one of the boys’ because I like guitars and cars, but I am a woman of today, and I am extremely excited to present myself as such.”

Loandi Boersma - Blood Brothers 2017
Cortina Whiplash. Picture by Leigh Taylor Photography.

The Blood Brothers, as an extension of the Vrede Foundation, aims to raise awareness and funds that go towards cancer research – specifically in young people. It was started by Herman Pretorius, a high-school musician, behind-and-in-front-of-camera TV guy who was involved with some of the most important music-TV productions, like MK, AMPJIP, Meet the Fan, Meltdown, Beatlab and Selekta. His own cancer diagnosis kick-started Vrede, as an awareness and fundraising campaign.

“I knew Herman personally,” Loandi says. “I was in Rokkeloos at the time of his diagnosis. He was also the first person to ever do a television interview with me.”

Loandi Boersma - Blood Brothers 2017
Picture by Leigh Taylor Photography.

“I have also been a part of the South African music scene since I left school basically, therefore I know all guys in the Blood Brothers band too. I was overwhelmed with excitement when they asked me to join.”

She tells me that the preparation has already been a very long process to plan the evening.

“The whole team is extremely professional and the guys have obviously done this before, so that makes things a lot easier.”

Loandi Boersma - Blood Brothers 2017
Picture by Andre Badenhorst.

And what’s going to be exciting at this year’s event?

“I will be performing a classic AC/DC number and a killer version of Paradise City by Guns ‘n Roses. I will also be doing some Cortina Whiplash originals.”

Loandi will be joined by Kobus de Kock Jnr, Garth Barnes, Hanu de Jong, Albert Frost, Jason Hinch, Jaco Mans, Jason Oosthuizen, Francois van Coke, and Chris van der Walt to form Blood Brothers 2017.

Blood Brothers 2017 is at The Good Luck Bar on 30 September 2017. Check out the Facebook event and get your tickets here.