Brett Newski

The prodigal son of underdog indie rock returns to the shores, high velds and low velds of South Africa during March and April. Brett Newski is already here, out and about the streets to search for his long lost love, the bunny chow, and visit his much loved friends he met five years ago when he first toured through SA.

In a casual-not-so-casual quick email interview (because that’s how the cool and busy kids do it) I got in a few burning questions for my friend Newski to answer before his visit. This included a probe into his home town Milwaukee, eating cheap Chinese food and his love for Cape Town.

To give you a taste of Brett Newski: he is the kind of guy that – according to him – “has existed on the fringe of society and avoided the ‘American Dream’ at all costs. He didn’t get signed to a big label early in his career. He was not endorsed by cool guitar companies or big-time management. At age 25, he took matters into his own hands by quitting all of his part-time jobs and becoming a full-time nomad, posting up in the nooks and crannies of earth and sub-letting rooms in Vietnam, South Africa, Germany and Wisconsin to write songs and recharge between tours.”

His current inspiration for sound is around the idea to make a vintage sounding album that will hold up to time and age well. Just before he took his flight to SA he was busy recording an album in Oakland, California and eating cheap Chinese food.

Brett Newski

When I asked what his plans were for the rest of 2017, he simply replied that he is going to work on his jump shot and make an instructional DVD on free throw shooting. Coming from Milwaukee Wisconsin where he says the folks are “down to earth, friendly, but also hard asses”, his quirky outlook on life is contagious and inspiring.

While ticking off geo stops and bucket list topics, a dream collaboration for Newski is to drink a beer with Charles Barkley or smoke a smokey treat with comedian Norm MacDonald.

Apart from taking risks, waiting for no man, and not dying, I asked what his final piece of advice would be for the people of the world. He replied saying “As my dear friend Rob Moir once said, ‘at the end of the day, most people are just huge pussies. If you cannot be that, you’ll be fine.’”

Brett Newski is touring South Africa alongside Shortstraw, Satanic Dagga Orgy & The Shabs during March and April.

The not-to-miss dates you should burn into your memory:

30 Mar – Bohemia – Stellenbosch

31 Mar – NOT SIFF FEST – Cape Town

2 Apr – Park Acoustics – Pretoria

7 Apr – Good Luck Bar – Johannesburg

8 April – Arcade Empire – Pretoria

9 April – Secret Show – Fourways

11 Apr – La Casa – Pietermaritzburg

12 Apr – Noble Coffee – Durban

*All SA dates are w/ the Shabs except 24 Mar

Brett Newski

Pre-order or purchase his latest LP, The Worst of Brett Newski: Songs to sink the American Dream here.