If You Don’t (read this review), You Never Will (know if Prime Circle’s new album is good)

If You Don’t (read this review), You Never Will (know if Prime Circle’s new album is good)

30 January 2018 0 By Alida Viljoen

I’ve always been a “mainstream fan” of Prime Circle – I know and still like some of their older, popular singles such as Hello Hello, Live This Life, She Always Gets What She Wants, Breathing; I saw them live once or twice, but I never actually owned an album.

They dropped off my radar over the last few years, though, being forced to listen to other music in the office. So when their seventh studio album landed on my figurative desk, I was excited to give it a listen.

Class Clowns, the first track, offered a fresh and catchy tune with some electronic/synthesizer elements, balanced with keyboard and a steady beat. It gives an indication of the band’s reinventing themselves and although I anticipated a more rock approach, I have to admit that I really enjoyed this song. This is now one of my go-to tracks for braving afternoon traffic after work.

Prime Circle - If you don't you never will

From there it moved to a melodic, swaying Love to Hate, to fast-paced Innocence which makes you want to hit the road to a coastal town just before sunrise, with your hand out the window and playing in the wind.

The Gift is the first single that was released off the album. The repetitive, whiny melody and lyrics make this my least-favourite track on the album.

One track that stands out on the album is The Message, which has some of the old Prime Circle magic. It’s the kind of song that would’ve made me jump around on my bed, had it made the TuksFM or 5FM Top40 way back in the early 2000s. THIS is how I remember them; THIS is what I was looking for!