Unfortunately for me, Wonderboom aren’t big enough Crash Test Dummies fans to have favourite songs, or any cool ‘how I first discovered Crash Test Dummies’ stories. But since they’re one of the local openers for the Canadian band’s upcoming Pretoria and Cape Town shows, I asked them about it anyway.

“I believe that our lineup is nice and diversified,” Wonderboom frontman Cito says, “and so will the crowds be.”

Wonderboom. Photo by Pieter Annandale.
Photo by Pieter Annandale.

“We’ll probably do a more ‘musical’ set with a bit of the ‘Boom performance. But I think it’s cool to have different dynamics from the various bands.”

Wonderboom released their latest album, The Rising Sun, last year after a six year gap. “Besides the fact that CDs are becoming more and more obsolete and that streaming is now replacing downloads, the industry is pretty much the same. It’ll always be a popularity contest with both crap and great music coming out at the same time. Live performance is where it’s at and music videos are the most expensive necessities.”

Wonderboom. Photo by Amé Bell.
Photo by Amé Bell.

“It was awesome hitting the road with the boys again on a proper tour around the Cape, Mpumalanga, and China. Lots of new fans and venues. Rising Sun seems to be going down quite nicely with everyone. Performing new songs like Ooh La La and Southern Light has really been fun; and extremely encouraging seeing the responses to them.”

Wonderboom. Photo by Anton Van Straaten.
Photo by Anton Van Straaten.

Cito says that Wonderboom is rejuvenated, and “on fire and dying to jam with everyone.”

And when his promise of “some new songs and some Boom classics” at the upcoming show reminds me of what Crash Test Dummies said they have in store, I ask Cito about how the two very different bands would sound together.

CrashBoom – the Highs and Lows of Generation X,” he titles their hypothetical collaborative album. “I think that with Brad’s low, baritone and my high range, we would make some pretty cool tunes. Bring in the WONDERbros to spike up Crash Test Dummies’ lovely, folkey vibes and I reckon it’s a hit!”

But for now, we’ll have to keep dreaming about it…

Wonderboom will play opening sets for Crash Test Dummies’s South African shows in Cape Town on 17 February, and Pretoria on 18 February, with AKING, Bed On Bricks, joining both shows, plus Adventure Man in Pretoria. Get your tickets here for Cape Town and Pretoria, or check out the Facebook events: CPT & PTA.

Top photo by Rob Scholtz.