Lost&Found have given birth to a mystical album… Yes, we are talking about Snakes & Ladders!

The alternative rock duo is made up of Glenn Hodgson on guitar and vicious vocals, and Jason Oosthuizen on backing vocals and dangerous drums. Glenn previously played for The Parlotones and Jason for The Black Cat Bones and Van Coke Kartel, among other projects. These two well-known musicians have not taken the easy road whilst in the delivery room, they made it work nonetheless; The album took 11 months to write and they did this all while touring the country… Impressed? Well wait until you hear the album!

Lost&Found - Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders contains 10 beautiful tracks. From start to finish, the album takes us on an adventure and the lyrics will surely make you remember all the good and bad times you have had in the past. What personally stands out on this album for me is that it brings us more drums, guitars and a bit of keys, which definitely makes the song Stop Me memorable and beautifully composed.

Other highlights on the album are: Riff Song, I Only, Sinners, Best Smile, and my personal favourite End of the Bar. Lost&Found have added Dakota — a well-known Stereophonics cover — to the album and it’s clear that Lost&Found have made it their own, while still staying true to the Stereophonics post-britpop/alternative rock sound.

Lost&Found - Snakes & Ladders
Photo by Christelle Duvenage.

The album title Snakes & Ladders was chosen to emphasize the ups and downs of everyday life. Whilst playing the album on repeat I felt almost as if the music speaks the untold emotions and feelings buried beneath the darkness of one’s inner self. [Goosebumps alert]

I had the privilege to hear not just the recorded album but their live performance at their album launch at Rumours Rock City and I couldn’t believe how they could get the recorded sound on stage, so I had to see another show… Last week I joined them at Coolz Crafty Corner with supporting acts Loose draw and The Black Cat Bones, and once again I was blown away with their performance and the true beauty of the lyrics, electric guitar and drums.

To end of the review, I would like to leave you with the following lyrics from  I Only:
“It is us who have to concern this world, come rain both thunder clouds or sunshine…”

Snakes & Ladders is the second album by Lost&Found – it’s currently available wherever music is streamed. Catch them at a show soon!