Maribou State

You might’ve heard that the English electronic duo Maribou State is coming down south (to SA) for a couple of DJ sets – one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town. once described their music as “sparkles like Zero 7, gnaws like Portishead, and grooves like Primal Scream”. And I couldn’t yet find a different verb to better describe what their music does.

Since they’re headed over for a visit, I spoke to them about their music, their trip, and their studio process…

Maribou State

No, they haven’t been to South Africa before.

“We can’t wait to spend some time there, meet some people and see what the party scene is like,” they say. “We’re both really eager to check out some local music and hopefully discover some new music.”

Speaking of music, I was interested to hear what they’re currently listening to…

“We’re always trying to listen to new music and keep an ear in as many styles as possible. Some new bits that we’ve both been excited about of late is King Garbage, Nick Hakim, and Khruangbin.”

Maribou State

The last thing Maribou State has released was their album Portraits, out in 2015. But they assure me there’s more on the way. They’re currently working on their second LP – to be released in 2018.

Their studio process is always changing, and they’re always learning.

“After the first album we left our home studio and set up a new space in the city. That had a huge impact on the way we write and record. We try and buy as much kit as possible and keep things out of the laptop. We’ve been using a lot of tape, outboard gear and we’re always buying new synthesizers and other little bits to keep the excitement there.”

Maribou State

Another way to keep things exciting is to mix up material. And Maribou State does originals as well as remixes. “Some people indulge in all of the parts from the original,” they explain, “and others less so. We’re more of the latter.”

“We just try and find one part to work off. One hook or instrumental riff that we can center our ideas around. The two processes are so very similar in our opinion – it just depends on how much justice you want to serve to original track that you’re recording.”

Get your tickets at the links below for each event, or enter our ticket giveaway here (entries close 23 November).

8 December 2017 – 8PM
Mercury Live
Tickets – R250
Facebook event

9 December 2017 – 8PM
The Good Luck Bar
Tickets – R250
Facebook Event