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Mieliepop 2016: The full line-up & ticket giveaway

It seems that March is music festival season. In addition to Splashy Fen and Otterlake Easter Festival, and the brand new Lush Festival in Clarens on Easter weekend, Mieliepop has moved from it’s traditional October/November slot to the weekend before Easter in 2016. Monday 21 March is Human Rights day, so it’s already a long weekend, and you can always take 3 leave days to just keep partying from this festival to the next – whichever one you choose!


This year, Mieliepop is offering a 3 day camping experience, with 3 stages offering more than 50 live acts. It’s hosted on an unbelievably beautiful farm with gorgeous rivers, rolling fields, crystal clear waters, green hills, lillies, magical caves, incredible entertainment, and squeaky clean infrastructure. They recently showed off the building of 18 permanent showers and toilets for the festival on social media:

Each shower will have hot water, a basin, mirror & power point for hair dryers. We want everyone to have the best festival experience, can’t wait for 18 – 21 March 2016!!

Mieliepop 2 - Credit Chris Acheson klein

Photo by Chris Acheson

The full Mieliepop 2016 line-up

Mieliepop final line-up 2016

Adelle Nqeto, Albert Frost, Andi Dill, Art Snakes, Bark, Basson Loubscher, BCUC, Bittereinder, Black Cat Bones, Black Math, Blazin Gooch, Blomtrein, Bobbejaan DJ’s, Bright Lights Big City, Bye Beneco, Chee, Coelacanth, Diamond Thug, Die See, Dogstarr, DJ Legend, DJ Mxit Moola, Fabio, Float Parade, Fuzigish, Gerald Clark, George Town, G-Force, Grassy Spark, Greg Georgiades, Haezer, Half ‘n Half, Hellcats, Jump The Gun, Kid Robot, Late Night Fox, Manouche, Michael Lesar, MoeJoe, Mr Cat & the Jackal, Napalma, N-Chant, New Academics, Phizicist, Rambling Bones, Sea of Green, Shortstraw, Stage Pig, Sol Gems, Sound Sensible, Sutherland, Tidal Waves, The December Streets, The Lectric Monks, The Moths, The Nomadic Orchestra, The Oh So Serious, The Plastics, The Shabeen, The Tazers, The Ultra Natives, Urban Village, We Are Charlie

The best thing I’ve heard about the venue (and festival) is the Rave Cave – Mieliepop’s dance floor INSIDE AN ACTUAL CAVE. This year, GrietTOY TOY, and Let’s Swing It are in charge of the Cave.

Mieliepop Rave Cave 2016

For anyone stuck without a tent, there’s the option of Maizey Stray tented accomodation.

Yo.Go.Flo Soul Flow Yoga Retreat

This year, Mieliepop also brings you a Soul Flow Yoga retreat.

If you’re a die-hard yogi or perhaps just dipping your toe in the reflective waters of yoga as a beginner, then this retreat is for you. Spread over three days around the exquisite lakeside lawns of the Mieliepop farm.

Yo.Go.Flo aims to connect amazing people, be a visual feast of yoga and wellbeing that will take place over three magic-packed days in the most beautiful setting with Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga which you’ll be able to try out on the calm waters of the picturesque lake.

Yo.Go.Flo tickets Include: 3 days at the festival, camping or campervan parking, plus all the yoga classes, activities and all musical entertainment.

  • 2 Yoga classes a day
  • 1 Meditation
  • 1 Workshop
  • 1 Stand Up Paddle Yoga per person for the day

Mieliepop Boutique Music Festival takes place 18-21 March 2016 at Tolderia Farm, Lothair. Get your tickets at www.mieliepopfestival.co.za – presold for R550.

Mieliepop 2016 Poster


We’re giving away 1x double ticket to Mieliepop 2016! To stand a chance to win, comment below to tell us which act you’re most excited to see at Mieliepop, and why. Entries close 25 Feb, and the winner will be contacted on 26 Feb.

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34 thoughts on “Mieliepop 2016: The full line-up & ticket giveaway

  1. Moet ek regtig kies? Ok as ek moet Hier is my gunsteling 😉 Adelle Nqeto, Albert Frost, Andi Dill, Art Snakes, Bark, Basson Laubscher, BCUC, Bittereinder, Black Cat Bones, Black Math, Blazin Gooch, Blomtrein, Bobbejaan DJ’s, Bright Lights Big City, Bye Beneco, Chee, Coelacanth, Diamond Thug, Die See, Dogstarr, DJ Legend, DJ Mxit Moola, Fabio, Float Parade, Fuzigish, Gerald Clark, George Town, G-Force, Grassy Spark, Greg Georgiades, Haezer, Half ‘n Half, Hellcats, Jump The Gun, Kid Robot, Late Night Fox, Manouche, Michael Lesar, MoeJoe, Mr Cat & the Jackal, Napalma, N-Chant, New Academics, Phizicist, Rambling Bones, Sea of Green, Shortstraw, Stage Pig, Sol Gems, Sound Sensible, Sutherland, Tidal Waves, The December Streets, The Lectric Monks, The Moths, The Nomadic Orchestra, The Oh So Serious, The Plastics, The Shabeen, The Tazers, The Ultra Natives, Urban Village, We Are Charlie. Ek sien uit want laaste wat ek da was het ek ‘n stuk vd brug gekoop, so ‘n deel v Mieliepop behoort aan my En dai Cave is awesome! Ekt ook baie nuwe cool mense ontmoet


    I have absolutely no idea of who they are or what sounds they produce, but that is how you truly experience the essence of an act, by having no prior exposure whatsoever and then realizing whay you’ve been missing out on! Plus, mxit moola was almost like gold to me as a teenager, maybe DJ MXIT MOOLA resonates with that nostalga, so I need to experience it and that is why I really want to attend Mieliepop and see DJ MXIT MOOLA.

  3. This would be the first festival of the year and what a beautiful one at that, this is super close to my birthday and would be an amazing way to celebrate! This festival boasts a panorama fit for a J.R.R. Tolkien novel, the lake, a forest and a cave that can be raved in who wouldn’t want to go! And then let me not forget about the music, the wide variety would have anyone’s head spinning. From old school favourites like Fuzigish, Mr Cat & the Jackal and Tidal Waves to hard bass hitters like HAEZER and then some awesome swing sets from the great Michael Lesar. These are just a few I know, not even counting the acts I’m keen to see for the first time and find some new favourites.

    But if I really had to choose I’d say Fuzigish, haven’t seen them in ages and they’re one of my favourite local acts to see with such energy and love for what they do!

  4. Lekker was nog nooit sleg!!! Almal en alles daar soos springmielies……….verskeidenheid !!!
    Elke pit op die mielie sing hulle eie song en dis waarom dit mielielistic gaan wees!!!! LAAT DIE PITTE POP!!!!

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  6. This lineup is incredible which makes it very difficult to choose. Despite this, we can’t ignore the fact that New Academics will be releasing their new album in March and they may very well be giving us a sneak peak right there at the festival. For this reason I’m unbelievably excited to see them (more so than the usual excitement). Their hiatus is over and I want New Academics in my face as often as I can get it!

  7. I would to see HAEZER since I have been out of the country for so long and he has ben touring the world but not where I was! My friends saw him in Germany and it made me super envious and maybe even a little Jelly. He is one of my favourite producers and DJ’s whom I just havent been able to see for so long! Bring it!

  8. Okay I may have to take my HAEZER request back! I want to see FUZIGISH so bad aswell! Skank with all my mates like we used to at Thrashers and Roxies since we were 14 years old. Last time saw FUZI was almost 3 years ago at the old Bo and it was wild! A lot has changed then but friendship and skanking and chasing little birds have not! SKANK IT UP!

  9. The Lectric Monks. Apparently they are a new band and I saw them by accident at Arcade Empire once before and they were absolutely amazing. They are definitely going somewhere!

  10. That Rave Cave is calling my name and it would be criminal to miss Haezer with his dirty beats blowing minds and melting faces. I’ve seen him in so many settings but I truly can’t wait to see anyone more at any festival than Haezer playing inside a cave with the most appropriate of names.

  11. I’m most excited for Black Cat Bones! I came across them recently and I’ve been playing them in my car non stop ever since!! I’ve never seen them live before and I think Mieliepop will be the perfect place to have that experience 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yay!

  12. Bittereinder! I need to go and see them live, and possibly chat to them at some stage! Hahaha, I have been mistaken for Jaco so many times, I think we need photos to lay the issue to rest!
    Oh – and also so we can Bons 😉

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  14. I neeed to see New Academics as I’m very embarrassed to admit I’ve missed them at every previous opportunity! :/
    The rest of the line up is impeccably wonderful but beyond excited to see New Academics, Grassy Spark and Nomadic Orchestra then rave in a cave all night long!

  15. This is such a phenomenal local line-up that I get a bit dizzy deciding a favourite to go watch :O Despite this I am so utterly excited to see Grassy Spark again as they are my favourite up-and-coming South African band. The Nomadic Orchestra is also a true class act when it comes to pure energetic excitement and New Academics are on my local bucket list so hope to tick them off here! Finally every night will end with some dirty beats in the rave cave to some of the best electronic artists around 😀

  16. I’m really looking forward to The Lectric Monks because the guys in the band are great people and I need to see them given free range on a big stage!

    I quite enjoy the BCUC music trance that comes along with watching them perform live.

    Black Math! Because Black Math!

    Tidal waves, as one of the very few Reggae bands in Gauteng, they are iconic and an absolute pleasure to watch and lekker dance to.

    The Tazers, because I’ve heard from many a reputable source that they are incredible and I am yet to see them.

  17. Shortstraw! Because who wants to be a couch potato when you can rock out to their music live 😉 The only reason i am not a b**** in the morning


    Because they have never failed me when it comes to entertainment! They always set a vibe with the crowd at any festival, and the music rocks my socks. 😀

    my student budget would love to see them live again, pretty pleaseee?

  19. Really keen to see New Academics 😀 The last time that I attempted to see them live it rained out just as they got started. This rendezvous is long overdue.

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