Wonderlus: Afrikaner Graffiti

Toe ek as 20-jarige die eerste keer Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist gekyk het, was ek verbaas om te sien hoe ‘n aand ㅡ soortgelyk aan talle wat ek al beleef het ㅡ in ‘n Hollywood-fliek uitgebeeld word. Toe ek nou, amper tien jaar later, Wonderlus kyk, het ‘n soorgelyke gevoel oor my gespoel (al is die twee flieks skaars vergelykbaar). Hier’s ‘n fliek oor jong Afrikaners wat optree soos jong Afrikaners. En ek glo nie ek’t al ooit so iets gesien nie.

Avengers Infinity War resensie #FliekInAfrikaans

Johan Cronje

The Flow Chats 013: Johan Cronje

Johan Cronje is ‘n videoredigeerder maar nou ook regisseur van die nuwe fliek Wonderlus – ‘n Afrikaner-ensemble oor die liefde. Ek’t met hom gesels oor fliekmaak, flieks kyk, en hoe toeganklike tegnologie die kreatiewe wêreld verbreed.

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OneDaySky Secret

Q&A: Time for OneDaySky’s Secrets to be revealed

In aid of Rocking for Rhinos, Jampacked productions are bringing American Post-Hardcore bands Secrets to South Africa from tonight for a trio of shows in our biggest cities. Their aim for the year is to raise R1 000 000 for Rhino conservation in South Africa. We asked local openers OneDaySky a couple of questions on viral videos, band injuries, and rhino conservation…


Colossal: A head-scratching high-concept film

Every now and then there is a film that graces our screens that is just unquestionably “high concept”. You know the films I’m talking about: those odd projects that come out of left-field with a central premise that presents an oddly specific set of elements and often requires a certain suspension of disbelief to really get into. These movies often sacrifice character development and interaction to service the central premise of the film. Colossal is largely one of those films. If you thought Jurassic Park had too many dinosaurs and Godzilla wasn’t realistic enough then stop reading here. For everyone else: let’s talk!

A taste of Lush with a side of tequila

Weekends buzz by like that first cold beer you drink far, far, too quickly. A few gulps down the gullet. Leaving you invigorated, rejuvenated, restored, renewed even. Eventually you reach over for another mouthful. Lifting the glass and noting the unsatisfyingly light weight of an empty drink. This is how I felt about this long weekend — especially my time at Lush festival.

TheFlowChats12 Garth Barnes

The Flow Chats 012: Garth Barnes

Garth Barnes fronts CrashCarBurn, but he started playing music straight out of high school in a band called Tweak, and tried starting over in London. CrashCarBurn is releasing a new album today, but we chatted about it all.

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