Paulaner is a German beer brewery – one of the internationals expected at Capital Craft Beer Festival this year. We sent a few questions to Germany to find out more about them…

Paulaner is one of the oldest Weiss Beer Breweries in the world, and accoring to them, “it is not a bad place to start.” As much as Germany is synonymous with beer, Paulaner regards themselves to be synonymous with Munich beer.


The brewery started close to 400 years ago, with monks of the Neudeck monastery in the Au district brewing their own beer. On 24 February 1634, Munich commercial brewers filed a complaint with the mayor, trying to get the monks’ beer business declared unlawful. The complaints were unsuccessful, and so, Paulaner was officially born.

The name Paulaner stands for a Munich brewing tradition crafted over centuries, and acclaimed far beyond the borders of Bavaria throughout the entire world.

Tradition, brewing standards, and the famous Reinheitsgebot form an important part of their methodology, and they are (obviously, I guess) firm believers that “German Beers are quality and recognized as such all over the world.”


“It’s a great exposure for out Beers to the music lovers who attend this festival,” they declare, and even though there isn’t one particular band they’re hoping to go down well with their beer, they’re looking forward to the multi-sensory pairing. On the other hand, for a more traditional pairing, they’d recommend German or Bavarian food to go with Paulaner beer – like Eisbein, Meatloaf, and bratwurst.

Paulaner is a German beer brewery, established in 1634. They’ll be at this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival – get your tickets here.