Adelle Nqeto. Photo by Henry Engelbrecht.

Adelle Nqeto is one of the most exciting local folk artists around at the moment. When her previous band, came to its conclusion, she branched off with a solo career that has just gone from strength to strength. She’s a regular sight at festivals and events all over the country, with her shows and lineups regularly evolving. We’re excited to see her return to Park Acoustics this Sunday, and checked in to see if she’s equally excited…

You’ve started releasing “Sunnyside Sessions” – intimate live performance videos of you with a band. What’s the motivation behind the format?

I think the aim was to create something raw and “live”, because I think that’s where we shine as a band, and we wanted to capture that.

Would you say these videos are a fair representation of what your live shows are like?

Well, yes and no. I haven’t played too many gigs with the band as yet- we’re starting that out now, so I wanted to put something out with them live, as an introduction to future sounds people can expect. I think we’ve only scratched the surface with what we’ve put out so far.

Why the moniker “Sunnyside Sessions”? Is there any significance aside from the filming location?

The women we worked with on the video side of things — Tiger & Lilly Productions — came up with that, and I like it, it leaves room for future music/video endeavours under the name.

These recordings feature a trumpet. What drew you to adding brass to the mix?

Well, there’s brass on my EP Lights, and some of the songs I’ve been writing really needed the textures and sounds only brass can offer. I’ve always wanted to add brass to my music, and it adds an amazing dynamic to live shows. It’s also incredible to be able to write with them in mind.

Adelle Nqeto. Photo by Henry Engelbrecht.
Photo by Henry Engelbrecht.
You travel quite a bit, playing shows all over the country (and further north). Do these experiences aid your art (and/or songwriting)?

Definitely, they’re crucial, for me as an individual — the people I get to meet and interact with, different perspectives, people watching. Traveling alone in itself has been important for me, and it always bleeds into the art.

What’s it like to returning “home” to play at Park Acoustics?

I’m excited! The line-up is really interesting, and my band seems to be a bit bigger each time I go. Last year was the trio, and now it’ll be the whole gang!

You can also catch up with Adelle Nqeto at Park Acoustics this Sunday. Get your tickets here, or enter our giveaway (before it closes today).