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In aid of Rocking for Rhinos, Jampacked productions are bringing American Post-Hardcore bands Secrets to South Africa from tonight for a trio of shows in our biggest cities. Their aim for the year is to raise R1 000 000 for Rhino conservation in South Africa. We asked local openers OneDaySky a couple of questions on viral videos, band injuries, and rhino conservation…

What inspired your Hot Problems cover and will we ever get another one (or any other cover)?

Hahaha! That cover was for fun. At the time on YouTube, there was a viral video (similar to the Rebecca Black’s Friday vibe) – we decided to have some fun and did everything in a day. The recording of the song and the video. We did, however, cover one of our favourite band’s tracks – ‘Never Lose Your Flames’ by ISSUES

Your music has evolved from Quiet Minds Speak Loudest to Aporia. What has the motivation and influences of the changes been? What where the thoughts behind reinventing yourselves?

When we first started writing the Quiet Minds… era, we were mixing an amalgamation of influences. These influences were a mix of pop punk, post hardcore, emo, alternative, electro pop as well as what we were listening to at that time. Transitioning into the Aporia era, we just kicked back and started writing the type of music we love more than what we were listening to at the time. Our attempt at the ISSUES cover was a test for us, production wise, to see how we would mix our music moving forward as Clint (frontman) is also our producer and studio owner at Watts Productions – he mixes all our recorded music.

Are we getting a full album, and if so, when can we expect it?

Right now, we’re focusing on recording more singles to release. We’re also part of the Jam Packed Productions tours happening so we’re trying to couple single releases with every tour. For now, we can say that there will be a new single in the next 3 months.


How did Darren get hit on the back of the head, and does he still have PTSD from the incident? Who do you think is most accident prone in the band?

JP jumps around like an animal; Darren is old, so he stays away us; Clint gets lost in the moment on stage; Eric also goes wild… But the one who got smashed was JP… Hahahaha… There is a clip on YouTube. It was from an older band he used to play for. Scar is still there but we like to think it turned him into someone “special” who always needs hugs. Hahahaha!

It’s a rare occurrence when you do start touring – are we going to see more of you in the coming years? What are your future plans at the moment? If so, where can we watch out for news?

Keep a close eye on our socials. We’ll be hitting the studio to finish some new tracks, then we will be releasing videos as well and smashing a few of the Jam Packed Production tours.

Your drummer Alistair has recently moved overseas. How has the transition been finding a new drummer?

It was tough, it took forever, it was emotional… But we’ve found someone for now. It’s Matt from Red Helen/Truth and It’s Burden. He is a machine. Such a talented drummer. We owe him white a lot considering he has pulled everything of in such a short turn-around time for the Jam Packed Productions SECRETS SA tour.

OneDaySky - Secrets Tour

You’re opening for Secrets this weekend. What’s the best thing about being picked for this slot?

An opportunity to be part of an initiative that contributes to rhino conservation efforts as well as expose ourselves to new audiences and be able to share the stage with some of our good friends in the other bands. Obviously playing with one our favourite bands from the USA too is a massive honour.

What can we expect from your shows on the Secrets tour? Anything special to look forward to?

Have you ever kakked or orgasmed and had fun at the same time? It will be that! Just a fun set, different from what we used to do live. So, we’re super amped! Thanks for asking us these fun questions!

OneDaySky is opening for Secrets (from the USA) this weekend and next at Arcade Empire, Sundowners, and Mercury Live. Get your tickets here.