Ready Player One

Ready. Player. Wonderwall.

Ready Player One arrives at our shores just in time for Easter, and fittingly it is the quintessential turducken of an Easter feast. It is an Easter egg stuffed with Easter eggs, wrapped in Easter eggs and – to take this metaphor possibly too far, but screw it – covered in rich melted Easter egg sauce.

Tom Raath

Tom is obsessed with television and movies. And fully committed to Sparkle Motion.

The Neon Demon 2016 movies

20 Exciting movies coming in 2016

A new year brings new films and character to fall in love with. Last year saw innovative pictures come to life. From an entire movie shot in a single take, shooting in the harshest conditions using only natural light, to George Miller’s masterpiece that is Mad Max: Fury Road. With cinema always pushing itself, it’s hard not to get excited about the new ideas coming to screen. So between all the reboots, comic book adaptions and indie features, here’s what I’m most looking forward to seeing in 2016.

Less Wes Anderson, more Wes Craven.