Molly's Game

Molly’s Game pulls a poker face? Nope, we don’t know how the game works

Honestly, I don’t really get poker. I get confused about which card combinations are worth more than others. In fact, I have a hard time remembering the card combinations that make up the different game hands. There are more versions of the game than you can shake a hand of soon-to-be-lost money at. And to complicate my complete lack of understanding even more, I have a hard time grasping how poker could be considered a game of skill given that a normal deck of cards has a bafflingly massive amount of shuffle combinations [if you don’t believe me just google the 52 Factorial]. If you consider poker a game of skill, don’t take these comments all too seriously though, for as I said, I am completely useless at the game to start with.

Morné Venter

Emerging artist and lecturer working in South Africa. Interested in messes, horror, existentialism and the creative process. Ink is my spirit medium.

The Dark Tower

Dark Tower, beige film

The Dark Tower is not the disaster international critics would have you believe, but unfortunately it does occupy a rather grey area.

Jared Viljoen

Jared is a cantankerous designer looking for love in all the wrong places and living vicariously through television. Sometimes he makes things.

The Jungle Book (2016)

Scarlett Johansson seduces in the Jungle Book teaser trailer

I had a dream once where Scarlett Johansson tried to seduce me. Then it came true in the first teaser trailer for The Jungle Book. That’s the upcoming 3D live-action remake of the 1967 Disney classic. I absolutely love the look of the film, and the amazing cast is sure to impress:

Floris Groenewald

Floris sometimes writes things when he’s not watching movies or playing video games or editing videos or folk-rock singing/songwriting.