Lost&Found climbs Up&Down with Snakes & Ladders

Lost&Found have given birth to a mystical album… Yes, we are talking about Snakes & Ladders!

The alternative rock duo is made up of Glenn Hodgson on guitar and vicious vocals, and Jason Oosthuizen on backing vocals and dangerous drums. Glenn previously played for The Parlotones and Jason for The Black Cat Bones and Van Coke Kartel, among other projects. These two well-known musicians have not taken the easy road whilst in the delivery room, they made it work nonetheless; The album took 11 months to write and they did this all while touring the country… Impressed? Well wait until you hear the album!

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Lost & Found - Photo by Gillian Coetzee

Meet Lost&Found (or: Can you still call it a supergroup if they only have two people?)

The Parlotones have a bit of a reputation. What exactly that reputation is, I’m not sure. There was a degree of unspecified backlash when they were announced to play at Oppikoppi 2015. But maybe that makes this the perfect time for a side-project. Introducing…


Lost&Found is a new Alternative Country/Rock music project consisting of Glen Hodgson from The Parlotones & Jason Oosthuizen (Black Cat Bones drummer).

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