Crashing and Burning pt II – Philadelphia Grand Jury

It’s been 3 years, 9 months and 29 days since Philadelphia Grand Jury broke up. During their one quick visit to South Africa a few years ago, they established their firm, high position on my list of best live acts I’ve seen. They were exciting, dramatic, punk-rock, emo with a touch of shoegaze, all rock-and-rolled into one. Two years later, the band broke up, frontman Berkfinger moved to Berlin and started a side project called Feelings, and the “Philly Jays” were over. But now they’re back. And to celebrate their reunion and upcoming album, they dropped a new single titled “Crashing and Burning pt II”.

Floris Groenewald

Floris sometimes writes things when he’s not watching movies or playing video games or editing videos or folk-rock singing/songwriting.