Why The Gruuv: The Lectric Monks talk about debut EP The Six

Have you heard of Tarantino Funk ‘n Roll Groove? Well if you haven’t you are in for an upbeat fun-loving treat! The Lectric Monks are finally releasing their EP for us to enjoy at home. For those of you that haven’t seen them live at one of their many shows, you are definitely missing out. They light up the stage with energy and good vibes.

The Lectric Monks started up in 2014 and developed into a 6-piece band of musical talent. The band members are as follows: Francois van der Merwe (Rhythm and Vocals), Gary Peacock (Harmonica and Vocals), Henk Oosthuizen (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Cynthia van der Mescht (Keys, Synthesizer and Vocals), Duncan Potgieter (Drums) and Dylan du Toit (Bass). For their release, we decided to have a chat with the band…

Lodemé Taljaard

Lodemé is an adventurous librarian who likes rainy weather to brood in and is overwhelmed with excitement at the mention of any food or beer.

Mieliepop Festival 2017

Ticket Giveaway: Mieliepop 2017

Last year, Mieliepop Festival had everyone talking afterwards. Its boutique status means no overcrowding, its location means luxurious, lush, peaceful surroundings, and the organising team means a tightly-run ship and a diverse, kick-ass lineup of some of South Africa’s best bands. There’s no reason to think Mieliepop 2017 will be anything less. See more details below, and enter our competition to win a double ticket to this event!

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Capital Craft Beer Festival 2016

Capital Craft Beer Festival 2016 – Win Tickets!

The Capital Craft Beer Festival is a well-established annual highlight on Pretoria’s craft beer and live music calendar. And after last year’s great festival (but entrance & queueing problems), they’ve decided to break tradition this year, and move the event to the Pretoria National Botanical Garden. The Capital Craft Beer Festival 2016 will take place this year on Saturday 11 June. As always, it’ll be a great event to experience both new and familiar craft beers, and witness an exciting lineup of music.

Please note that the organisers are very aware of last year’s queueing issues, have resolved to fix this, and “guarantee a quick and easy entry to the festival area” this year.

“Join us at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden when we combine the age-old tradition of drinking beer with new and exciting musical acts and introduce you to a vast variety of local micro-manufactured brews.”
Floris Groenewald

Floris sometimes writes things when he’s not watching movies or playing video games or editing videos or folk-rock singing/songwriting.

Mieliepop 2016 Banner

Mieliepop 2016: The full line-up & ticket giveaway

It seems that March is music festival season. In addition to Splashy Fen and Otterlake Easter Festival, and the brand new Lush Festival in Clarens on Easter weekend, Mieliepop has moved from it’s traditional October/November slot to the weekend before Easter in 2016. Monday 21 March is Human Rights day, so it’s already a long weekend, and you can always take 3 leave days to just keep partying from this festival to the next – whichever one you choose!

TheFlow.co.za is an entertainment blog run from Gauteng, South Africa.