Halloween 2016 banner | Artwork by Chris Crossbreed

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Halloween 2016 at the Voortrekker Monument

Arcade Empire and Griet’s Halloween party is always the place to be in Pretoria on Halloween weekend. And this year, they’re throwing a massive party at the Voortrekker Monument on 29 October. To get your hands on a double ticket courtesy of TheFlow.co.za, check out our giveaway below!

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Mumford and Sons at the Voortrekker Monument - Photo by Christelle Duvenage

Mumford and Sons at the Voortrekker Monument

What a show.

Mumford and Sons need no introduction. They brought the banjo into modern pop-rock, and cemented their place on the charts with good harmonies, writing, and lyrics. And we’ve all been told excitedly by a teenage girl at a party how the band members can each play all the instruments, ever. We all recognize the opening riff to The Cave, and will automatically sing along to Little Lion Man, albeit without quite hitting all the notes and harmonies.

Nardus Groenewald

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