The Amblers - The Dustling Man EP cover

The Amblers may be a newly revamped band, but their competent blues-rock sound easily confrim them as the local duo that’s got us most excited at the moment. They just dropped a debut EP, The Dustling Man

The Amblers are a Jozi-based Folk/Dirty rock n roll/blues duo, with Justin Swart on vocals and guitar and Jason Hinch on drums. The band has a broad range of influences both locally and internationally, ranging from Southern Gypsey Queen, The Black Cat Bones to the wondrous Rolling Stones and Jack White.

The Amblers - The Dustling Man

The title track The Dustling Man and the additional three treats on the EP — Keep Me Screamin’, Sometimes, and Tired — was inspired by the band’s best and truest stories within their own lives and experiences.  The fundamental foundation of the band songwriting is that each song tells a tale of truth.

The approach used to assemble the EP was to stay true to themselves and produce songs their listeners can relate to. They want their listeners to be able to feel the emotions experienced from beginning to end of each song. Personally, I felt the raw emotion being poured out like yesterday’s coffee in their song Tired. The song epitomize the band’s signature blend of blues melodicism and rock intricacy.

These young gentlemen have taken the genre to a whole new level and I wonder if anyone will be able to keep up with these dustling men…

The band is hard at work to hopefully release a full album later this year. So keep your eyes peeled and ears firmly to the ground!

The Amblers’ EP The Dustling Man is available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, and Google Play, so there are no excesses to miss out.

The Amblers - The Dustling Man EP cover