Graeme Watkins Project - Love in Abundance

The Graeme Watkins Project puts the “dance” in Love In Abundance

The Graeme Watkins Project released their first new single in years: Love in Abundance, with a beautiful accompanying video. Though their Facebook page describes the band as an “Electro Indie Rock” group, the new song doesn’t sound very electro, but it still contains elements that’ll thrill dance floors.

Graeme Watkins Project - Love in Abundance

The track is an electrifying and exciting danceable indie pop-rock song that (just like the title seems to suggest) is an upbeat celebration. It builds on clean electric guitar strums with a pulsing bassline, groovy drumbeats, and layered vocals that culminates in choir-like choruses. It’s a blend of indie-rock and dance music that’ll very probably perform well on radio stations as well as in dance clubs and at Graeme Watkins Project gigs.

They’re bringing a sliver of dirty edge to radio-friendly pop, with big production never overshadowing their indie sound. And the video has the same excited energy combined with a clean studio shoot.

Graeme Watkins Project - Love in Abundance

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a simple concept executed so beautifully. Dancers, models, and musicians all performing in clouds of colourful powders and glitter in glorious slow-motion and speed-ramped footage. It’s imagery that reinforces the celebratory sound of the song, and exudes enthusiasm.

The Graeme Watkins Project is an electro indie rock band from Johannesburg. Their new single, Love in Abundance, is available to buy on iTunes. Also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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