BCUC. OneSight Acoustics #3 at The Good Luck Bar, 13 November.

It’s pretty hard to organise an event with an all-star lineup. For one thing, you can’t have every band be the headliner. So at this past Sunday’s OneSight Acoustics event at the Good Luck Bar, you’d have had to be there at 2pm already, if you wanted to see December Streets, BCUC, Reason, and DJ Invizable – all big headline acts. The next event, on 27 November, features Freshlyground, Josh Kempen, Bongeziwe Mabandla, and Half ‘n half, and we’re giving away a set of tickets below!

It was a nice Sunday, considering that the clouds were still a little unpredictable after Joburg’s recent set of storms and flash floods. December Streets kicked off the live music – even before a decent crowd had turned up. Their lineup had shifted a bit in the last year – they started out as a five-piece band, shrank down to three for a while, but had a fourth on stage here. Accordingly, they were also playing slightly more electro-tinged versions of their familiar tunes – a welcome change, and sure sign that they’re not ready to grow stale and boring yet. I found myself wondering whether it was a frustrating gig for the group, who’s used to playing packed venues and huge stages. Here, at 14h00, an audience had started to take shape, but the bar wasn’t at full capacity yet.



It’s especially weird that the psychedelic Afro-soul group BCUC wasn’t playing to a room that’s bursting at the seams. I was recently wondering whether their electrifying, energetic live performance could possibly translate onto a recording [it can*], but either way, there’s nothing like being in a room with them. The energy is infectious, despite me not understanding all of their lyrics. A BCUC show is a moving experience, and I’m not just talking about dancing.

*Though they didn’t have copies of their debut EP, Our Truth, available, but promised that they’ll have some soon – in the meantime, you can get it online.



It was the first time I’ve seen Reason perform, and again, it almost seems criminal to put such a big performance on such a medium-sized stage. These people want and deserve stadiums.


Among these top-shelf acts that are already pretty diverse and eclectic, DJ Invizable stands out as someone who completely takes over and takes ownership of the stage. I guess it’s partly due to the mask and costume, but his half-music, half-dancing show is captivating, slightly bizarre, and beams with confidence.


Overall, my assumption must be that more people would’ve been there if the ticket prices (R100) were slightly lower. However, for the killer lineup of four amazing, deserving, “headliner” acts, R100 is a bargain. Not to mention that the proceeds go to OneSight, who’s aiming to provide sustainable access to quality vision care and eye wear to those who cannot afford it or do not have access to it. The next (and last) of these events is happening on 27 November at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg. On the lineup (remember, it starts at 2pm already), is Freshlyground, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Josh Kempen and Half ‘n Half. Get your tickets here (OR WIN THEM – SEE BELOW), and check out the Facebook event here.


TICKET GIVEAWAY: You stand a chance of winning a set of double tickets to the next OneSight Acoustics show (and last of the series) on 27 November. All you need to do to stand a chance to win, is leave a comment below telling us which of the acts you’d love to see most. Winners will be chosen and notified on 23 November.

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