Weekends buzz by like that first cold beer you drink far, far, too quickly. A few gulps down the gullet. Leaving you invigorated, rejuvenated, restored, renewed even. Eventually you reach over for another mouthful. Lifting the glass and noting the unsatisfyingly light weight of an empty drink. This is how I felt about this long weekend — especially my time at Lush festival.

This picturesque festival ten minutes from Clarens is beautiful to say the least. Biblical even — compare it to the garden of Eden, where the snake is a tequila slushy and sinning is encouraged and the woods are filled with many trees of knowledge; the artists belting out those wonderful sounds causing bodies to sway, jump, sing, dance, and best of all, smile.

Picture by Dominique Baxewanos.

Things to remember when going to Lush festival (as I found out)

One: check your tent. You don’t want to end up in a SquonkTM. The definition of a SquonkTM if you do not know is a tent, of sorts, put together from what parts you have. Held together by hopes, dreams, frustration, and tears.

Two: don’t park near the mud or you’re gonna have a baaaaaaad time. Note: this excludes anything with rear wheel drive or light enough to be bounced out by the average oke.

Three: take something super waterproof to wear (also, gumboots). Unless you enjoy feeling like a freshly used towel. #WeDontJudge

Four: and possibly the most important thing, be ready to have an amazing time. Mud and all.

Lush is a small festival, super intimate — like second base, easily. While going down so smooth with a little help from those dastardly fabulous Olmeca tequila slushys. Four days of music with amazing local talent and few international cherries on top.

Picture by Dominique Baxewanos.

The cherries

Best of the bunch, in my humble opinion, are the Pierce Brothers from Australia. These two very down to earth guys who genuinely seem to love, had us dancing and smiling through the rain. All the fun and passion of street-side buskers. Great gimmicks that layered on top of each other turned them into an unforgettable musical force with an eager crowd lapping up their didgeridoo and drum antics. Definitely worth a listen, even two. Good on ya, Pierce Brothers.

Lush 2018.
Picture by Dominique Baxewanos.

My personal highlight was Boo! That aural phenomenon that penetrates your hips, infects your brain and transports you to monkey punk island. Chris Chameleon still has it. It never left. The old favourites are just as amazing. Even without his old band mates. And you’ll always scream louder. Thank you, sir.

Picture by Dominique Baxewanos.

After a comedy of errors (mostly the SquonkTM and my own F@#*k garden being quite barren), I only got to spend a day and a bit at Lush. Still worth it. My beer can is full.

Next year, though I’m coming prepared (read: check tent). Hoping for more of that tequila.

Lush, it was short but lovely.

I’ll see you next Year.

Good on ya’.