Bad Peter - Capital Craft 2017

Bad Peter is a fun-loving, always-exciting indie/folk-rock duo, who’ll be on stage in Pretoria at Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017! We caught them on their way to studio to ask them a few questions…

“Drinking beer while enjoying a live show is an age-old winning combo!”

So say Bad Peter, when asked about the combination of their indie folk sound with the beer festival culture – something that seems to be traditionally connected more with electric rock bands.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to find a link between our specific music genre and beer drinking culture, but we’ll say this: No matter what band your watching, no matter what’s in your glass, it’s all in the name of fun and being part of the moment.”

This year marks the band’s first time at the Capital Craft Beer Festival, though they’re no stranger to Pretoria. “We can’t wait to play our music to the wonderful Pretoria Crowd! With a great line up including Shortstraw, Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions, Klopjag, Andra Cilliers and Koos Kombuis, this year’s fest definitely has something for everyone!

They’re specifically excited to see Ben Dey again – “We saw them at Oppikoppi last year and were blown away.”

On the beer-drinking side, they love Mad Giant and Agars Brewery. “The Jozi Blonde is absolutely incredible!”

Bad Peter

“We’re definitely trying to be busy always. Also made a point of touring more this year.  Touring is such fun and really the best way to reach more people.”

“It’s one thing to have a song on radio or wherever, but people want to see bands play live. It’s what we love most about our job as well. Our downtime mostly falls on Mondays (Musicians’ Sunday/Braai day). We try and do as little as possible: Catch up with family, drinks with friends, walk our dogs, play guitar (it’s still a hobby) and we’ve seriously chatted about riding mountain bike and jogging again, but so far very little progress!”

And yes, there’s another release on their schedule. They just went to Cape Town last week to start work.

“We’re so stoked to be working with Theo Crous again at Bellville Studios.  We’re going to record a 6-track EP which we’re planning to release on the 1st of September this year.  Can’t wait to share our new music!”

Bad Peter - Capital Craft 2017

After Fokofpolisiekar launched their own beer a few years ago, I’m always wondering what other bands would do if they attempted the same idea. I asked Bad Peter what their craft beer would be called…

“Well ‘Bad Beer’ seems to have a nice ring to it?”

Indeed. Let’s hold thumbs for a glass of Bad Beer at next year’s festival. In the meantime, Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017 is happening on 10 June 2017.  Get your tickets here!