Basson Laubscher - Testify

Basson Laubscher and the Violent Free Peace has given a new lick of paint to dirty rock ‘n roll and brought sexy back with their new album Testify. By using darkly ornate, literary-minded, self-consciously verbose blues rock ‘n roll they have exceeded expectations with this bad boy.

The band was founded in 2004 and have since played numerous big festivals: STRAB, US Woordfees and Knysna Blues Fest, for example. They released their debut EP, Shakedown, in March 2014, and it was an incredible release. However, you can clearly tell the growth of the band’s top notch sound and songwriting. I would compare their music to that moment when I first added a Mentos to a 2-liter coke: mind-blowing. Shakedown focused more on the blues element of the band’s interest and Testify brings us more of a boogie/rock ‘n roll flow. Some may even classify the album as a ‘panty-dropper’, and personally I won’t disagree.

Basson Laubscher - Testify

Basson is formally known as ‘that guy with the mad guitar skills’ from the band Zinkplaat and has been seen playing alongside Ann Jangle, Blues Broers, and even the great Valiant Swart. The album contains a total of 11 tracks, which includes their Testify, Lost, Going Home, Rattleshake, Drag Me Down, Make Me Wait, Old Town, Animal, Shoot Me Down and Bonnie & Clyde. Not only does the album bring us firmamental guitar solos, but it has the added thrill of a trumpet and killer drums. The basslines also shine through like a decorated diamond. This album will surely show you the level this great artist can go to create each song which tells a tale of loss, love, lust, and even friendship.

Incredible… I know we are not supposed to have favorites, but Rattleshake has become one of my most played tracks; “a man with a devilish grin” and that ‘’he is coming to get ya’’, Just gives me Goosebumps! The band then hits you with a rattling riff and it feels like you stepped into another dimension. But this album will also take you home in their song Going Home — it is more on the chilled vibes, but they still stay true to the blues. We then find ourselves with a beautiful love story with tales of adventure, danger… yes, a tale as old as time is brought back to life by the band with their song titled Bonnie and Clyde.

Title track Testify asks “I was sent here to spread the word, Brothers and Sisters are you ready?” I believe we are…

Rumour has it that the band will be showing face in Gauteng within the upcoming months so keep an eye out. For more details and schedules performances, by checking out their social media platforms. Testify is also available on Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify.