A Place In The Sun

It’s hard to organise a music festival. There are many obstacles in the way. But even the best-managed, with a good, experienced team behind it, fails sometimes. Unfortunately, we heard today that A Place In The Sun festival has been cancelled – for the time being, at least. Full details below…

From the horse’s mouth:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that the organisers of a Place in The Sun must declare the cancellation of the festival a mere week shy of the event.

The proximity of Nkwe Resort to certain medical facilities caused the community to intervene, and halt any further prospects of providing attendees with a Place in the Sun so to speak.

We understand the concerns of the community, and we could not with a clean conscience force the continuation of the festival at the expense of the community residing there.

After the many hours spent fuelled by all the intoxicating support from the artists, vendors, media and especially the unwavering love from the die-hard South African music fans this is surely a heavy burden to lay bare.

We trust that you will have the same regard for our sentiment that it’s not just about spreading good vibes, but also to respect the wishes and well-being of the community. We are as always ever thankful for the ongoing support. But be sure that we will find that sweet spot in the sun, soon.

All tickets bough via credit cards will be processed via Nutickets immediately and should reflect back into your account within 7 days. Please look back to the time of purchase and you should see a credit reflect in your account on that date.

All tickets bought via EFT, please go to this link http://nue.so/agapud and fill out the questions. Once we have reviewed all the information we will process the EFT refunds for you.

For any ticket enquiries please contact 011-880-2199 and Nutickets will assist you promtly.

Once again apologies for any inconveniences caused in this regard.

Though official word is limited, it sounds like the team haven’t given up, and that A Place In The Sun will be back – even if it’s at a different time, at a different place, and/or in a somewhat different form…

I’m looking forward.