Hello Beautiful - The Republic of Mieliepop 2018

Hello Beautiful has been stunning audiences for a couple of years now with their 80s-inspired mostly-instrumental synth-pop. Starting out as a solo studio project by relative all-rounder musician Matthieu Auriacombe (Beach Party, Kidofdoom, and now also Van Pletzen), Hello Beautiful has evolved into a full band – and that’s how you’ll be able to experience the alt/electro disco at Mieliepop next weekend. As is our three-week old tradition [see our interviews with Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses and Wolfgang Marrow] we asked Matthieu a series of “A or B” questions to get to know him in-depth…

1. Performing solo or with a band? And why?

Most definitely with a band, in this case. I performed solo with Hello Beautiful for quite a while before the band, but you can only bring the real disco with a band, you know!

2. The Empire Strikes Back or Saturday Night Disco? And why?

Saturday Night With You. The band has never played The Empire Strikes Back before, so won’t really know how it goes down, and Saturday Night With You has cowbell, MORE COWBELL!

3. Hello Beatiful or Van Pletzen at Mieliepop? And why?

This is a very hard question, so here goes:

Hello Beautiful – for the disco dance [Friday 23:15]
Van Pletzen – for the mega tropical kak lekke vibes [Thursday 22:00]

So both!

Hello Beautiful - The Republic of Mieliepop 2018

4. Mieliepop festival or stay-at-home weekend? And why?

Mieliepop cause it feels like home, with 2000 other people, and who wouldn’t want to watch lekker bands in their back yard with 2000 other lekker people!

Hello Beautiful (and a whole bunch of others) will be playing at , happening on 21-24 March. Get your tickets !

Mieliepop lineup 2018