Jerain - Gold

Jerain, a Namibian-born urban alt-pop singer-songwriter currently based in Cape Town, just released her newest single, Gold, today. It’s an interesting song, lyrically, that explores the inside of the music business, and addresses some of the challenges and ups-and-downs that come with writing and recording songs.

“Gold was written during a time where I was very much questioning myself and my journey. I have been in the music industry for what some would consider a long time, BUT when you love it, the wait for success is worth it. I guess it’s my very own struggle song.”

Produced and co-written by Jimmy Nevis, Gold takes on a very different approach from the music she has released in the past.

With traces of R ‘n B and Soul – Urban beats, Storytelling words and signature pop vocals – Gold shines with hit potential!

Jerain - Gold

You’ve been around and making music for a while now. How did your music career get started?

I’ve always sang everywhere. The older I became, the more I thought about making it my ‘job’. I feel like if its meant to be it will be because a lot of what happened on my career was divine intervention. I met someone during high school and he later got me involved in his project. That later turned into a record deal with Rude World Records.

Your music style seems to not be contained or bound to any one genre? Do you find it important to have variety?

I tend to like a wide variety of music and ao I suppose it comes through when I write my own music. I always want to push the envelope. I like doing unexpected things.

Lines like “get your lips off my creative juice” sounds like you’re expressing a struggle to get you art made. Has it been hard to get this far?

It’s definitely not the easiest route. The industry can be fickle. The people who make it a success are the stubborn, not giving up without a fight types. I had to convince a few people of my vision so yep, it does get tricky at times. Its my favourite thing to do though so its totally worthwhile.

What is in your CD player (or top of your playlist) at the moment?

I listen to a lot of different music. Right now I’m listening to Kanye, Miguel, Bryson Tiller and there’s some Nirvana in there.

On a similar note: Do you have any big musical influences or heroes?

Too many to mention. Oh my gosh, everything that is good. Locally, I love AKA and his influence on hip hop. Brenda Fassie also embodies success as far as Im concerned! Internationally, I guess SZA is doing great things right now. I lean towards anything different really.

I’m pretty sure “Gold” is the first time I’ve heard someone rhyme “studio session” with “great depression”. Do you have any tips for writing unique, evocative lyrics?

I had a great co-writer on board so huge props to Jimmy. He made me look at things differently and I guess we worked cool phrases into the song. Standing back and takig a new look at something helps a great deal. Also, not over-thinking.

How was the experience of working with Jimmy Nevis on this track?

Working with Jimmy taught me so much about myself and my writing style. He has a good sense about what works well and what doesn’t. He also made me take a look at the entire aspect and not just the music. I was like a sponge, I just wanted to learn and he let me do just that.

Jerain - Gold

Jerain is an Alternative Pop/Acoustic Singer-Songwriter from Cape Town. Her new single, Gold, is out today, and available on iTunes.