Tresor - Park Acoustics

Oh boy! Car guard turned pop musician Tresor is playing at Park Acoustics this Sunday! To celebrate, I asked him a couple of questions without mentioning his oft-reported rags-to-riches story…

Despite making “African Pop Music” and having reached the number 1 selling Dance song in Italy iTunes, your music seems to break through genre barriers and have a pretty broad appeal. Would you attribute this to something specific? What’s the key to reaching a big audience?

Personally the way I mix sounds and how I write songs play a big part of breaking genre barriers with my music. I think the key to reaching a big audience is staying true and pushing to reach the highest potential of yourself.

I love your “musical mission”, to bring back “the glory days of African Pop music” – but what has African Pop music been missing? What can we do to bring it back?

Lately, I think most of the current African music lost the authenticity by blindly following global trends and also the youth neglected the original traditional  sounds of African music. Our music and sound is so rich and that where the magic secret is… we have to stay true. The world is catching up fast and watching.

Tresor - Park Acoustics

You’ve treaded into lots of different worlds – from Zahara to AKA to Liefde By Die Dam. What are the biggest difference you’ve encountered in different scenes/stages/genres/audiences?

I think personally for me, it is a privilege and blessing to work across genres as a singer, songwriter and producer. Music is a powerful weapon… I don’t see any difference really. The music is so powerful and every time I am amazed how it brings people of different walks of life together.

You’re about to play at Park Acoustics – have you played at this event before, and are you excited about it? Are you anticipating anything specific? What can fans expect?

Yes, I am super excited! First time playing Park acoustics… bringing my live band The Legends 80 along. It’s gonna be a massive PTA party.

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