Sir Thomas Brewing Co - Hermanus Craft Beer Festival 8

The upcoming Hermanus Craft Beer Festival is a celebration of beer and music, and Sir Thomas Brewing Co is one of the breweries that’ll be attending. We asked them a few questions about beer, beer drinking, and bottomless bands to accompany the experience… 

What sets your beers apart from the rest?

Of course our fantastic precipice, with all natural ingredients, from honey to tee, chocolate and nuts infused.

Sir Thomas Brewing Co - Hermanus Craft Beer Festival 3

How important are festivals like Hermanus Craft Beer Festival to the world of microbreweries?

I would say it’s quite pleasant for every one, it helps with one’s brand building as well as fun for tourists and then hopefully we sell some beer

Craft beer has recently seen an incredible boom in interest. Do you think there is still room for growth in the coming years?

If you have something incredible to offer then yes, if not, no.

Hermanus Craft Beer festival pairs beer with music and food. Do you have a specific band/song/genre, and/or food/cuisine that you’d pair your beer with? And why?

On the food side, verity is always good. Then some nice rock will keep people in the mood also from my side, something like The Bottomless Coffee Band would be awsome! Just my opinion.

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If you’re ever at a bar or a party that doesn’t serve craft beer, what would you drink?

I would probably enjoy any other drink that is available except for SAB beers

In your opinion, why is Hermanus a great location for a craft beer festival?

Great time of the year, all festive and jolly with a lot of people. Looking forward

Sir Thomas Brewing Co will be at Hermanus Craft Beer Festival, on 22 December 2017. Get your tickets here.