Rosebank Brewing Company - Hermanus Craft Beer Festival

Rosebank Brewing Company is visiting the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival this December, and we asked them about beer education, food pairing, and why the Craft Beer Festival is the place to be!

If someone is new to the world of craft beer, where would you recommend they start, and why?

I would recommend going and visiting a brewery with a “Tap Room” in order to learn a little bit about beer and how it Is made. They will be able to view the process and equipment involved in producing the beer.

What sets your beers apart from the rest?

Our beers are completely natural. I wouldn’t say it separates us from every other brewery however it does separate us from some of the bigger ones. Our beer is unfiltered, unpasteurised and contains absolutely no added preservatives.

Rosebank Brewing Company - Hermanus Craft Beer Festival

How important are festivals like Hermanus Craft Beer Festival to the world of microbreweries?

The Hermanus Craft Beer Festival is incredibly important to craft breweries. Events where the public are able to engage with brewers and taste different beers they wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to is what craft beer is about. There is definitely a sense of educating the public on what beer can be at these festivals.

Craft beer has recently seen an incredible boom in interest. Do you think there is still room for growth in the coming years?

I do think there is still room for growth as more people are educated on craft beer and what it is about. No doubt it will be competitive but that is what we want with breweries constantly pushing one another and learning from one another to produce delicious beer!

Rosebank Brewing Company - Hermanus Craft Beer Festival

Hermanus Craft Beer festival pairs beer with music and food. Do you have a specific food/cuisine that you’d pair your beer with? And why?

Currently only our Amber Ale and Lager are commercially sold. The lager would be well suited to lighter meals such as fish, sushi or perhaps a chicken salad. While the amber ale would be suited with food across the board from burgers to spice. Both the beers are pretty versatile in pairing as they are not incredibly unique styles of beer.

If you’re ever at a bar or a party that doesn’t serve craft beer, what would you drink?

I love red wine, or if push comes to shove I will try whatever beer they serve.

In your opinion, why is Hermanus a great location for a craft beer festival?

Considering the time of year of the festival, it’s a great location. It is able to attract people from both sides of sir Lowreys pass as well as people visiting or living in Hermanus at the time of the festival. There are many holiday makers in Hermanus over this time of the year – many of them from other provinces in South Africa – who may be seeing many of the beers for the first time.

Rosebank Brewing Company will be at the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival on 22 December 2017. Get your tickets here.