chris cornell Nothing compares 2 U

Everyone knows Sinéad O’Connor‘s version of Nothing Compares 2 U. It’s one of those familiar tunes that you’ve heard in so many movies, elevators, etc. It’s a very famous song and recording, although it’s generally not known that the song was originally penned by Prince to be performed by The Family. But you’ve never heard it like this before: with Chris Cornell’s Soundgarden/Audioslave voice, backed by an acoustic guitar/cello trio.

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Lastly, for the curious, see a jazzy, upbeat reimaginationing of the same song by Aretha Franklin here.

chris cornell Nothing compares 2 U

Chris Cornell is an American rock musician and frontman of the bands Soundgarden & Audioslave. He’s also seen success as a solo singer-songwriter. He was voted “Rock’s Greatest Singer” by readers of Guitar World, ranked 4th in the list of “Heavy Metal’s All-Time Top 100 Vocalists” by Hit Parader, 9th in the list of ‘Best Lead Singers of All Time’ by Rolling Stone, and 12th in MTV’s “22 Greatest Voices in Music”.

Nothing Compares 2 U is a song written by Prince, but mostly famous as a cover by Sinéad O’Connor.