De Wallen 2.0

De Wallen is a dirty rock ‘n roll band that reminds you of the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll”. They’re raw and rough and cut to the bone, with dirty, rich, electric guitars, rocking loud and fast.

Crackerjack, the first single off the EP, is a powerful rock track with fat guitar riffs. It’s a fun, exciting and upbeat track that sets the energetic tone for the whole EP. The arrangement is neat, guitars are unreserved, and the vocals sound like a relatable tough guy. You know: The slightly intimidating guy with the stubble and tattoos who turns out to be the nicest guy you’ve met. Plus, in one of their publicity stills, his microphone is literally on fire.

“Let me tell you all the story, ’bout a girl I met – the heart of Stellenbosch,” [Heart Rate Rocker] might sound like a slightly foreign line in a rough rock ‘n roll song, but I like how it grounds De Wallen to a South African landscape. They’re infusing touches of Mzanzi into a thoroughly American genre of music. It exemplifies the way De Wallen not only imitates kick-ass American rock music, but approaches it in a fresh, unique way.

Additionally, Eyes of April’s End explores a different side to the band’s sound – it’s a confessional power ballad that’s more emotive, sentimental, symbolic and romantic than the other tracks. However, it stays on par with the EP’s smooth rock style.

The not-quite-rebellious raw rock ‘n roll of De Wallen sounds like a band who’s instruments and equipment spontaneously erupt into flames during sets. But then they douse the flames before any permanent damage is done. It’s tough, rough, and tactile, but controlled, neat, and bold. The lead single can be heard on Soundcloud. The band is also on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

De Wallen 2.0

De Wallen is a five-piece “Old School Rock and Roll” band from Stellenbosch. The band is based on the core concept of “ruckus, reckless, rampant.” Like its namesake, the infamous road running through Amsterdam’s red light disctrict, the band thrives on debauchery and excess.