King of Communes / D&S

King of the Communes is the party promoters/dance floor curators behind some of Pretoria’s coolest gigs recently. They’re also a DJ duo called D&S, and this March, they’re heading to The Republic of Mieliepop to introduce the brand new Cool In The Pool poolside jol area. We asked them for the secret herbs and spices that go into a King of the Communes party.

“For us especially,” they say, “the best parts of a festival are usually while the sun is out.”

This is how they start talking about Cool In The Pool, the new dance floor/pool area at Mieliepop this year. King of the Communes is hosting the Saturday line-up, which consists of Leeu, Bongani Zulu, DSCO Cam, and their own DJ act, D&S.

“We feel quite honoured and extremely excited to open this new addition to Mieliepop. We think it’s an awesome platform to try something new, centred around a space which is strictly enjoyed during the day in the sun, around and in an extremely beautiful setting.”

King of Communes / D&S

“We all know that good music and some water always add up to good time. Everyone joining us can expect a line-up centered around music which isn’t trying to be too serious but rather a sound that’s groovy, uplifting and overall there to get you ready for the day ahead.”

“We’ll be kicking the day off with artists we’ve enjoyed this past year; they’ll also be partying with you in the crowd as the day goes by.”

King of Communes / D&S

Mieliepop, of course, is defined as a “boutique” festival – a smaller, more intimate event, catering for a more luxurious experience, rather than a massive, chaotic Project X.

“It is a lot more intimate,” says D&S. “This beats a club as you have time to warm up to and meet a lot more people and everyone begins to become a familiar face. And playing to a familiar face is always better.”

“[As D&S,] we really enjoy opening a dance floor and slowly getting everyone going. We enjoy unfamiliar progression that slowly gets people a bit goofy. We try focus our sound on being as uplifting whilst groovy as possible.”

In their opinion, all you need for a great party, is “people buying into the idea of the party and helping lift the atmosphere, instead of attending and seeing what they can get out of the event, open-mindedness, familiar faces, and leaving all tough guy personas at the door.”

When they’re not going to be busy DJing or curating, they’re extremely excited to see TOYTOY’s showcase in Mieliepop’s famous ‘rave cave’ dance floor, “as well as do some yoga on the lake after a long night in the cave.”

“What other festival can you attend where you get to say that?”

King of the Communes is hosting the Saturday Cool in the Pool dance floor line-up at this year’s Mieliepop Festival, and DJing as D&S. The Republic of Mieliepop is happening on 17-20 March, buy tickets here, or enter our ticket giveaway here.