The name Hezron Chetty is not known to many people. And this saddens me. Somehow society has introduced us to pretty dreadful artists like Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj, leading to the true artists of the world becoming unheard and unseen. Well, let’s change that, shall we?

The official release of a brand new song and video by the Capetonian Hezron Chetty aims to combine art, music and video – all in one powerful blow. Hezron stays true to his New Age instrumental roots with the release of See Journey, but shares a deep personal glimpse that the world has never seen before.

Hezron says the song is about his journey into a deeper side of his writing and this is clear when watching the video. There’s a spiritual element evident in the song and video – a deep drive that Hezron exudes that cannot be put into words. He admits that he has sacrificed so much for his violin and art and this song draws inspiration from that. There’s a reminiscence that perhaps links to the loss of love and relationships amidst great achievements with his art. A vital question of life that many will be able to relate to: what is sacrificed to gain success?

For the first time Hezron adds a rock element to his progressive approach to songs. It starts off with him strumming the violin in his distinctive way, and then plucking the strings with his characteristic style to lay the groundwork of the looping effect that he has become known for. He then adds some shredding lines to it and at times the listener will hear guitar riffs played from the violin. Hezron possesses a profound understanding of music that truly shines through on this release. It’s no secret that he is an incredibly talented musician who deserves much more accolades than he has received up until now.

Hezron Chetty - See Journey
Photo by Daniel Boshoff

Hezron’s music takes the listener on a journey and See Journey is no exception to the rule. The process of songwriting and music making is intricate, but Hezron makes it looks easy and mesmerizing in this release. Various levels of intensity are cleverly implemented as Hezron gives the audience a sneak peek into his life as an artist. It features the capturing of the whole songwriting and recording process and shows people what he has to do to achieve the final product, with the end result being a live performance which displays how instrumental music can be hard and edgy.

The artwork for the song was done by Werner Ross Goss, the music video was shot and directed by Alfonzo Franke from Muti Films and the production on the song was done by Manfred Klose. Hezron also roped in bass player CJ Duckitt and drummer Jeanre Leo for the writing of the song. It’s apparent that Hezron has a talented songwriting and video team behind him, as the end result is immensely polished and professional.

I can hear this song being used as a majestic movie soundtrack and being played live in front of thousands. Captivating, charismatic, convincing.

Hezron Chetty - See Journey

Hezron Chetty is a Capetonian violinist and songwriter who utilises a loop station for his fresh and his progressive approach to instrumental music. Get his music on iTunes, or check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.