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In Music News this week, Shortstraw is going to Europe, MTN Bushfire announced the first few artists on their lineup, Future released Future, Radio Kalahari Orkes, Taxi Violence and Academie released music videos, DJ Khaled released Shining (feat, Beyoncé & Jay Z), and Jack Parow and Francois van Coke will headline Large on the Lawn this coming Sunday.

Academie, in association with Cool Your Jets released a cool little pixel art animation music video for Suburban Dreams. The single is from their 2016 EP Volumes.

“The concept behind the Suburban Dreams video was imagined as the final chapter of an untold science fiction epic. Centered around a space-faring duo (inspired by Academie’s Jean-Louise and Alex Parker), we join our protagonists at the end of a great journey through space. From there, we see them carry out the final steps of their mission; a quest to return the life-force to a barren, desolate planet. Cool your Jets set out to create a somewhat surreal, mysterious narrative, hinting at a bleak, dark backstory, but ultimately revealing itself to be an triumphant, optimistic tale. Centered around themes of rebirth and reconciliation, we hope viewers will find the story to be intriguing, emotive and a unique companion piece to this beautiful song.” – Ben Rausch of Cool Your Jets

Get Academie’s EP, Volumes, on iTunes.

.Jack Parow and Francois van Coke will headline Large On The Lawn this Sunday (26 February). After last month’s first Large on The Lawn event sold out, a large turnout and a stellar event is anticipated for this Sunday’s event.

Music News Highlights: Large on the Lawn

South African music icons Mango Groove and Indie favourites Al Bairre are confirmed for the March instalment of Large On The Lawn on Sunday 26 March. Get your tickets for Sunday’s event here.

Taxi Violence played Weekend at Bernie’s in a new music video for their single Fake It.

“I think most people can relate to this song or have been put in situations, like a new job, that you’re not entirely qualified for. You have no clue what you’re doing, but desperately need the money, so you learn it as you go along or ‘fake it till you make it.’ Sometimes, when we write new songs, for instance, I don’t have all the lyrics memorised and I kind of just ‘wing it’ and hope nobody realises, haha!” – George van der Spuy, Taxi Violence lead singer and lyricist,

They’ve also released a new EP, Shape and Form 1. The EP is available on iTunes and Deezer.

Grammy-nominated producer DJ Khaled released Shining – a new single featuring Beyoncé & Jay Z, from his upcoming album Grateful.

Music News Highlights

Get Shining here.

Radio Kalahari Orkes released a video for their new single Bobbejaanvlei.

“Die video, ‘n eenvoudige konsep vir ‘n tydlose liedjie, wys ‘n jongman wie graag saam met die plaaslike legende, Minnie na die dans toe wil gaan. Dit is geskiet in die styl van Norman Rockwell se skilderye wat vanaf ‘n soortgelyke era kom as waaruit die liedjie kon ontstaan het (in ‘n paralelle heelal). Rockwell is afkomstig van ‘n meer onskuldige era en die woorde van die liedjie wek ‘n kleindorpie gevoel by die luisteraar.

Radio Kalahari Orkes’ new album, Mamba!, that includes Bobbejaanvlei, will be released on 1 March at the Atterbury Theater in Pretoria – get tickets here.

Future dropped a surprise self-titled album, released on Friday 17 February, only two days after its announcement.

In under a year, he achieved three back-to-back #1 albums on the Billboard Top 200: the platinum DS2, platinum What A Time To Be Alive with Drake, and EVOL. His catalogue encompasses double-platinum smashes such as Low Life [feat. The Weeknd] and Where Ya At [feat. Drake], platinum hits Stick Talk, F*ck Up Some Commas, and Turn On The Lights, and has amassed over 1 billion streams worldwide.

You can get Future on iTunes.

MTN Bushfire festival, that takes place in Swaziland in May every year, announced the first batch of artists on their lineup this year:

Kwaito superstars TKZee, Congolese performer Baloji, the Taureg rebel Bombino, and the Belgian/South African newcomer Petite Noir, are the firs artists officially on MTN Bushfire 2017’s lineup.

Shortstraw is heading back to Europe and the UK after their successful tour in 2016.

Music News Highlights