Maribou State is coming to South Africa for two shows, with a stellar lineup of local support artists. We grabbed PHFAT’s Smooth Mike for more info on what’s happening in PHFAT-land these days, and how he’s feeling about the Maribou State shows…

“I’ve been super into a lot of the new hip-hop coming out.”

One of Mike’s tests for new music, is to see if it can make him forget that he’s jogging.

“Lately the music to do that is 6lack, Duckwrth – he has such a dope track called I’m Dead – Sinead Harnett has a track called If You Let Me that I really dig. Tory Lanez still does it for me. And The Internet, and Steve Lacy.”

“There was a Charles Bradley track called Lovin You that caught me the fuuuuuck off guard. Cults – Always Forever. I dunno. My music taste is as messy as my brain – Oh my god and the new Lorde album!”


In PHFAT land, Mike is busy planning a series of releases for next year.

“Getting releases ready is like my favourite and my least favourite thing in the world. It always takes a piece of you with it when you do a release.”

“But the actual making of it is so hectic and beautiful. It’s very difficult to be bored when you are that involved with something. I don’t wanna speak about it too in depth but I want to do a series of themed EPs.”

Since Maribou State haven’t played on our shores before, I asked Mike what he knows or expects of them. “They seem lovely,” he says. “Cool to hear people excited for something that isn’t just obvious Pop or EDM.”

He gets excited when I ask about the rest of the lineup on the Maribou State shows. “Nonku and Christian Tiger School are amongst my favourite artists in the world.”

“That whole lineup is so fresh and deeply influential for whole swaths of the musical landscape in South Africa.”

Speaking of excitment, Mike is amped for the upcoming shows. What to expect when it’s their turn on stage?

“PHFAT at 900%.”

PHFAT is one of the support acts for Maribou State’s two upcoming South African shows – along with Christian Tiger School, DJ Lag, Felix Laband, Akio, Julian Gomes, Kidfonque, Nonku Phiri, and P-Kuttah. Get your tickets at the links below for each event, or enter our ticket giveaway here (entries close 23 November).

8 December 2017 – 8PM
Mercury Live
Tickets – R250

9 December 2017 – 8PM
The Good Luck Bar