Jason Oosthuizen

Jason Oosthuizen, the drummer of Van Coke Kartel and Punk ‘n Roll, has brought together a talented pool of musicians to do a tribute night to Led Zeppelin – on 5 October at The Good Luck Bar. We asked him a few questions about his love for Led Zep, what it takes to put on a tribute show to a legendary rock band, and what we can expect on the night…

Can you tell us how and when you first encountered Led Zeppelin?

As a kid I used spend a lot of time on and next to stages, watching my dad play drums and cover bands like Led Zeppelin. The drumming of Led Zeppelin played a big role in me playing drums today.

Why do a tribute show in the first place?

Being the band that sparked my drumming and one of the best rock bands of all times, I always wanted to pay tribute to them in some way.

Jason Oosthuizen

How easy or hard is it to do tribute versions of Led Zeppelin songs? Do you add a lot of your own, individual ‘flavour’ to the songs?

It is probably one of the hardest musical projects I have done to date — even till now their music is still extremely difficult to cover. I am trying to play the songs as close to [Zeppelin drummer] John Bonham as possible, to make this tribute the best it can be.

How different is a tribute show to a Punk ‘n roll or Van Coke Kartel show?

With a Punk n Roll or Van Coke show you play to how you perceive it, where a tribute show you need to try and get into the mind of the person who originally played it.

What’s your favourite Led Zepellin song/album? Why that one specifically?

The Song Remains the Same – as my parents’ first date was to go see the movie The Song Remains the Same.

Can you give us any tease of what people can expect from the show?

It’s over two hours of their most popular hits — with some hidden gems that their most die-hard fans will know.

If you want to get in on the 2-plus hour long celebration of Led Zeppelin, you can get your tickets here. ALSO: We’ve got a double ticket to give away – check here to enter the draw.