Sunset Sweatshop - Move it at Splashy Fen

Sunset Sweatshop is an exciting new funk/folk/reggae feel-good band from Cape Town. Their first single, Move It, is grabbing attention on radio, and they’ll be playing at Splashy Fen for the first time this coming weekend. We got the opportunity to ask acoustic guitarist and lead vocalist Ian Heyns about the band, sunsets, Splashy Fen, and being compared to local legends from a few decades ago.
The band’s somewhat unusual, but very identifiable name, Sunset Sweatshop comes from a description of their post-workday jam sessions: “After the sun sets, we start to sweat,” says Ian.

Sunset Sweatshop - Move it at Splashy Fen

And I’m pretty glad for the explanation – because nothing about their music makes me think of Sweatshops. Sunsets? Yes, definitely. “That’s what it is all about,” he says. “Feel good vibes.”

“I dig it,” he says, when asked about (accurate) comparisons between Sunset Sweatshop and legendary local bands from years ago like Bright Blue, Tananas, and éVoid. “All our music is in one way or another inspired by the legends of 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. Those guys paved the way for our youngsters on the scene.”

Their first single specifically has a blend of genre characteristics, resulting in a distinct African pop sound. “Move It is one of those songs that just felt right. We have a couple more of those up our sleeve, but we like to see ourselves as very diverse musicians so we write and perform within a lot of genres. We live in such a diverse country, with such diverse and interesting people, we like to offer some musical magic to all of them. We will be in studio soon and I think you’ll be blown away with the outcome once we are done!”

Sunset Sweatshop - Move it

“We will be recording 4 new banging tunes – I’m actually feeling jittery just thinking about it!” – Ian Heyns, Sunset Sweatshop

“We pride ourselves on being very diverse, and we will most probably have a track that tickles your every fancy.”

Sunset Sweatshop will be playing at Splashy Fen this easter weekend – a first for every member.
“The excitement is killing us,” says Ian. “We’ve only heard great stories about the festival. We have a high energy set planned to get the people sweating and moving.”

Sunset Sweatshop will be playing at Splashy Fen 2017 – 10h30 Sunday morning on the River Stage.