Video: Mark Counihan – Call To Live

Video: Mark Counihan – Call To Live

24 February 2016 Off By Floris Groenewald

Mark Counihan just released a lyric video for the single Call To Live, and it looks like this:

The audio production is lush and beautiful, carefully complementing the acoustic guitars and Counihan’s vocals. Like most lyric videos, Call To Live‘s clip was produced on a budget, but the amazing drawings and animated watercolours by Josephine Vorster make up for any budgetary shortcomings it might have. It also suits the music perfectly, illustrating scenes that convey the feeling of the song, but not necessarily its literal content. A lot about this song reminds me of Jon Foreman’s work – which might also be a reflection of the religious aspect to their music. Mark Counihan makes “Worship” music – however, just like Jon Foreman, it can be ambiguous at times, and is never overstated in the lyrics. Whether religious or not, I’d recommend checking out the video.

mark counihan Call To Live

The album, To The Brave Ones is “a toast to the courageous and is a call to truly live”, and is available on iTunes.