Tim Hendricks - Contemplating Change

It’ll be easy to call Tim Hendricks’ new album, Contemplating Change, a pop record. But that’s not necessarily true, or fair. It has a distinct, easy-going sonic quality that places it somewhere between soft rock and pop, but ends up comfortably standing out between adult contemporary albums, while adding measures of funk, hip-hop, and spanish without fear.

Venus Portal, for example, has a smooth, funky electric guitar that changes into an easy, innocuous distorted sound to punctuate the choruses. A guest appearance by Avi G then provides a touch of hip-hop in the bridge. All of these elements are skillfully and invisibly combined into a unique unit.

Other featured artists on the album (Ross Learmonth, Christina Rodo, and Groove Battery) provide welcome and exciting additions to the mix. Berea 1992 (featuring Rodo), is an eclectic mix of electric and electronic sounds – an apparent ode to the good nights that made the tough times bearable.

Tim Hendricks - Contemplating Change

Hendricks is powerful and energetic, without being overpowering or “loud”. But overall, his favourite position seems to be soft and friendly, bordering on sensual. It’s sentimental and nostalgic without seeming soppy or emo. However, it feels a little like middle-of-the-road soft rock. I keep expecting some standout X-factor, or extra allure that never arrives. Still, Contemplating Change is easy-going, digestible, and broadly appealing. It’s stylish pop with no traces of bubblegum, and mature soft rock with no signs of offense.

Tim Hendricks on BalconyTV [Contemplating Change]

Tim Hendricks is a South African pop-rock musician who’s based between Johannesburg and Los Angeles. He released his second album, Contemplating Change, in July 2015, following on 2010’s Shadow of your imagination. Not only enjoying the fruits of his new album release, Tim Has been working as music composer and Music producer for the local movie The Jakes Are Missing with Music Supervisor Gregory Mthanji. They are also using 2 singles from Tim’s album ‘Contemplating Change’ and ‘Shadow Of Your Imagination’. The Jakes Are Missing is being released in cinemas on 23 October 2015Contemplating Change is available on iTunes and to stream on Deezer.