Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo or: How Han doesn’t fly alone

I like to proclaim myself The Mildest Star Wars Fan in Universe™. I feel about the franchise the same way I feel about a beer every now and then, a trip to the hairdresser or a vegan meal. There are many things I am very fanatical about but Star Wars is unfortunately not one of them. Even though I am lukewarm on the franchise, I have seen all the films (except Rogue One) and I liked them for the most part. And now I find myself in the precarious position of having to review the newest film in this never-ending, ever-expanding franchise. I am going to try and approach this review from two separate lenses: the die-hard Star Wars fan and the layman casual who may or may not care about the fact that this is a Star Wars movie (that’s me).

Morné Venter

Emerging artist and lecturer working in South Africa. Interested in messes, horror, existentialism and the creative process. Ink is my spirit medium.

Avengers Infinity War resensie #FliekInAfrikaans

Floris Groenewald

Floris sometimes writes things when he’s not watching movies or playing video games or editing videos or folk-rock singing/songwriting.